Watch Tenplay from abroad

Tenplay is the online service from Network Ten. It is a brilliant service which makes it possible to watch several TV shows online for a certain amount of time after the program was originally aired, and tons of other stuff as well.

If you try to watch Tenplay from abroad you will see something like this (except from the text I added to the middle).


To access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia

I am writing this article from central Europe, so at first when I tried to watch Network Ten, Tenplay, from outside of Australia I simply saw a black screen and the video didn’t want to start at all. Not very cool, especially since there are shows that I follow and would love to watch that are being aired on Network Ten and available at their Tenplay online service. So, what did I do to make things work anyway?

I am watching Neighbours on Tenplay outside Australia

I am watching Neighbours on Tenplay outside Australia

Watch Tenplay with an Australian IP address

To get rid of the black screen and start watching your favorite shows as you can see that I did on the screenshot above, you need to get an IP address in Australia. You need such an IP address because Network Ten use a geo-block because of copyright protection, meaning that only people located in Australia will be able to see the programs available online. To bypass this you need to make them believe that you are located in Australia, and this can be done by getting hold of a local IP address in Australia.

The way of getting such an IP address is using a VPN provider named ExpressVPN. As I did these tests and wrote this article I decided to use their VPN services and to my great surprise I managed to watch without lagging, buffering and other stuff (which could be very normal considering my distance from Australia). All you need to do is to visit the ExpressVPN website and sign up for a VPN subscription (you can read an ExpressVPN review here). Once you have that you can download their VPN client which is very easy to use, connect to their fastest server in Australia and in minutes you are ready to go and to watch Network Ten, Tenplay, from wherever you are located in the world.

 Visit the ExpressVPN website

January 19th 2017 update
There are lots of VPN providers that do not work with Tenplay, but based on tests on January 19th 2017, ExpressVPN works perfectly if you want to watch Tenplay outside Australia!
Watching the bold and the beautiful on Tenplay

Watching the bold and the beautiful on Tenplay

I hope you will follow these instructions telling you how to watch Tenplay from abroad and if you do, you can start watching X-Files, 24: Legacy, Neighbours, The Bold and the Beautiful, Elementary and lots of other success TV series on Tenplay online outside Australia. Enjoy!