24: Legacy coming to Tenplay soon

Are you looking forward to the 24: Legacy premiere on Tenplay in Australia on February 12th? I am! Are you planning to watch it online? I am!

Tenplay is the TV network in Australia that will broadcast the new season of 24. Just like with season 9 this will only consist of 12 episodes (not 24), but if it turns into a big success then we can for sure expect the next season to be a 24 episodes season again.

If you want to watch 24: Legacy on Tenplay then you will find it there available from February 12th (or maybe from 13th in the morning). If you try to watch it from outside Australia you will however be stopped and get an error message saying that “to access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia.” If you are abroad and want to access Tenplay and watch it online then you have to follow these instructions.

24 legacy on tenplay
When will 24 Legacy come to Tenplay? At February 12th!

But, there is one place where you can watch 24: Legacy online in addition to on Tenplay. That place is Hulu and on Hulu you can get access to the season premiere on 24: Legacy even earlier. On Hulu (in the USA) it will premiere on February 6th, so you can get to see all the action one week earlier than the rest of the people down under. Choose for yourself… I will watch 24: Legacy on Hulu! For more information on how you can watch Hulu in Australia just press the link!

One more TV series coming to Tenplay in 2017 is This is Us. This is the success series from NBC telling the stories about some very average people. At first I did not want to watch this, but after watching a few episodes (also on Hulu) I am totally caught up in the story and this is a TV series that actually has something to say. Do not miss out on This Is Us as it will premiere on Tenplay later in 2017.

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