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Will Tenplay broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018?

You might have enjoyed the Winter Olympics in 2018, but it is a well-known fact that the FIFA World Cup is an event much more people look forward. But, who will broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Australia? Can you watch it on Tenplay? If you want to watch the FIFA World Cup in Australia and cheer for the Australian team, then you better have access to SBS, because… Read More »

Is it possible to stream the Winter Olympics 2018 on 7Plus abroad?

The Winter Olympics is closing up, and even though Australia might not be the most-winning nation, we still love watching the event. Is it possible to stream the Winter Olympics 2018 outside Australia? The Winter Olympics will be aired on SevenPlus (7Plus, Plus7, Network Seven), and not by Tenplay. That might be unfortunate for Tenplay fans, but the good news is that 7Plus will do a great job airing the… Read More »

Will Tenplay broadcast the Winter Olympics in 2018?

In 2014 the Winter Olympics was broadcasted on Network Ten in Australia (Tenplay). Will they continue the success in 2018? Unfortunately, the Winter Olympics in 2018 from Pyeongchang will not be broadcasted by Tenplay in Australia. An unfortunate event has led to Seven Network getting the rights instead. As a consequence, you will not see nor hear anything from the Winter Olympics 2018 on Tenplay. Unfortunately, Tenplay will not broadcast… Read More »

How to download the Tenplay application for Android when you can not find it in Google Play Store?

Would you like to watch Tenplay online on your Android device, but cannot do so because you are abroad? But an even great challenge is the fact that you can not download the Tenplay application to your Android device. How come? Why can’t I find the Tenplay application in the Android store? It is a typical problem occurring when you try to download Android applications belonging to a different nation… Read More »

Watch Champions League, Europe League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and more online in Australia

Does it sound like a dream to get access to the Champions League, Europe League, Premier League, the Bundesliga, La Liga and more online in Australia? It isn’t that hard! You might wonder why I write about this on a website that is about streaming Tenplay outside Australia. Well, that is a brilliant question, because it is for sure that Tenplay isn’t the solution if you want to stream European… Read More »

How to stream the Academy Awards in Australia?

I would love to watch the Academy Awards online on Australian TV (9NOW), but can not do it since I am abroad. Can you please help? I was of course hoping that the Academy Awards would be broadcasted on Tenplay, but I soon discovered that the Academy Awards will be broadcasted on 9NOW in Australia instead. You can find the live website for streaming the event on 9NOW right here.… Read More »

It just got harder to watch Tenplay from abroad

I can not check it all the time, but recently I tested the method described in my blog to watch Tenplay from abroad. To my great surprise it did not work anymore. Working as a blogger and blogging about how one can watch streaming services and TV channels online you kind of get used to it. It has become more and more frequent to block the services of VPN providers.… Read More »

Can I watch the Emmy Awards on Tenplay in Australia?

The Emmy Awards 2016 is coming up and people all across the globe wants to watch the ceremony. Can I watch the Emmy Awards on Tenplay in Australia? The Emmy Awards if known by many people as the Oscar Awards for the TV industry. No wonder why millions of people want to watch the event live on their local TV stations or online from all across the world. I am… Read More »

How to watch SBS abroad?

Now this is a site about watching Tenplay from abroad, but maybe you are wondering if you can watch SBS abroad as well, another great TV channel in Australia. Here comes the answer. Luckily the answer is exactly the same as when I answer the question on how to watch Tenplay from abroad. It is extremely easy and you only need to use a few dollars and you can get… Read More »

Can I watch Premier League football on Tenplay?

I am a football fan and would love to watch Premier League football. Can that be done on Tenplay? Unfortunately the answer to your question is  no! If you want to watch the Premier League in Australia the answer for you is Here you can buy a subscription and gain access to all the Premier League action online. But, if you come to this page and read this article,… Read More »