The Rugby World Cup on Tenplay!

Tenplay will show ten matches from the Rugby World Cup, including all the matches of Australia. But, can you stream it abroad as well? Can you cheer for the Wallabies while watching the Rugby World Cup on Tenplay outside Australia?

The main goal of is to help Australians abroad get access to the site, no matter where they are in the world. I must admit, Tenplay has made it harder by blocking almost every single VPN provider on the market, but it can still be done. So, the answer to the question is yes… it is possible to watch the Rugby World Cup on Tenplay, even if you live outside Australia.

If you want to get it done, follow the instructions at the main page to find out how to watch Tenplay abroad, or do as follows.

Watch the Rugby World Cup online on 10Play in Australia everywhere!
Picture made by Hamish McConnochie

The quick way to access Tenplay abroad

  • First, click the ExpressVPN button beneath and sign up for their VPN services. If you purchase a 12-months subscription, you will get three months extra for free. No worries, they always come with a 30-day full refund policy!
ExpressVPN websiteand watch 10Play abroad
  • Download the ExpressVPN client to your computer.
  • Install the ExpressVPN client.
  • Open the program and connect to server Sydney 1 or Sydney 3.
  • Open your browser in Privacy mode/Private mode/Incognito mode (if you don’t know what it is, simply go to the settings symbol and select new private window, new incognito tab, or something like that).
  • Open
  • Find the live streams from the Rugby World Cup and start streaming.

To watch 10Play, you need to register a user at the website. That is completely free and can be done easily.

10Play will broadcast every single match in which Australia plays, but if you want to watch every single other match, use ExpressVPN to watch the Rugby World Cup online on ITV in England. If you click the link, you will also find a full schedule of the Rugby World Cup, making sure that you can schedule your life for the upcoming month, knowing which matches you want to watch on which days already.

Australia will play their first match against Fiji in the World Cup on September 21st. Australia is currently ranked as the sixth-best rugby nation in the world, while Fiji is the ninth-best nation.

On September 29th, Australia will play against Wales. That will be a very tough match as Wales is ranked as the fifth-best rugby nation in the world.

After some tough matches, things will hopefully get easier on October 5th, as Australia is out to play against Uruguay. This nation is ranked as the 19th best nation in the world.

Their final group stage match will be on October 11th against Georgia. This might sound like an easy match, but Georgia is ranked as the 11th best rugby-nation in the world, so they will not give the victory easily to Australia.

Go Australia in the Rugby World Cup!

Let us hope Australia will get to the final, just like they did in 2015. But, this time they will not only get there, but they will also win it. It might not sound very easy and reasonable, but anything is possible, and if the Australian stars can play at their best, it is for sure possible!

Watch Gogglebox on Tenplay

Gogglebox is a very popular show in the UK, and Googlebox might be even more popular in Australia. You can now watch the popular program on Tenplay in Australia. But, what is Gogglebox all about?

Have you ever wondered what other people think, say and do as they watch TV programs? In Gogglebox you can find out more about what they do. Here you can see the comments and reactions as some of the best TV viewers in Australia sit down to watch their favorite programs, events and programs at their TV’s. But, what do they all think as they watch the Royal Wedding with Prince William and Meghan Markle? Or how do they react as they watch date programs on TV or some other show? This is the ultimate program if you want to laugh and see lots of great comments and reactions.

In the show, people are taken into ten different lounge rooms in which they watch some great content. While watching, they are served things to eat and drink, and it turns into a big party as they watch the programs and freely share their thoughts about what they see.

Gogglebox is currently running in season 10 on Tenplay in Australia, and you can watch all the episodes of the latest season currently at the Tenplay website.

I am watching Gogglebox on Tenplay from abroad
I am watching Gogglebox on Tenplay from abroad

But, how can I watch Gogglebox outside Australia?

If you live outside Australia and want to watch Gogglebox on the Tenplay website, you will need to use a VPN service that will actually give you access to Tenplay from abroad. But, that isn’t easy, as almost every single VPN provider is blocked by Tenplay.

But, there is a solution that works, and to find out which VPN to use in order to watch Tenplay abroad, click the link.

The reactions to Manifest

I just watched the reactions to the first episode of Manifest in Gogglebox. You can see it easily in the highlights from season 8 episode 8. This is one of my favorite TV shows at the moment, and it was so amazing to watch the reactions of the people as they saw the events unfold in front of their eyes on Tenplay. Some of the comments were simply legendary.

If you haven’t seen Manifest yourself, go ahead and watch the latest episodes on Tenplay right away. If you want to watch Manifest season 1 online in full, these are the instructions to follow!

Is Gogglebox one of your favorite shows on Tenplay? You can easily watch it online at the Tenplay website and it is well worth the time!

Do you have another favorite program on Tenplay that I should watch? I would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts!

New error message as you try to watch Tenplay from abroad!

I was just visiting the Tenplay website today to see what’s new on Tenplay and what’s worth streaming. But, I forgot to turn on my VPN (that works with Tenplay), and thus I ended up seeing a big error screen instead. But, I wasn’t that sad really, because the new error message on the Tenplay website looks really cool!

The new error message at the Tenplay website if you try to watch Tenplay outside Australia
You will see this message if you visit outside Australia

I have to say, I really like the design of the error message, and especially the old TV screen. They have given a really nice retro feeling to the entire message, and even though I do not like being blocked from a website, this error message actually made me smile. Of course, if I didn’t know how to get rid of the geographical error message at the Tenplay website I wouldn’t feel that cool. But, luckily I know how to get rid of the Tenplay error message, and thus I do not really suffer because of it. So, now I have seen the new error message, and then I use the VPN service that I know will help me unblock Tenplay, and soon I can stream whatever content I want to at the Tenplay website.

Which VPN to use to unblock Tenplay abroad?

That is a good question, and I guess you have tried a couple of services, or maybe you are out there searching for an answer to that given question for the first time in your life. Well, it is time to get rid of the error message at the Tenplay website saying: “Sorry, Tenplay is not available in your region.”

But, you might know that new VPN services are blocked quite regularly, and that is why I do my best to keep this website updated every single month and often every single week. And that is why I can always be prepared and tell you how you can bypass geo-blocks and watch Tenplay in Australia abroad.

So, how is it done?

It is much easier if I just have one article in which I give the solution (then I do not have so many articles to update in case I have to change something). So, to find out which VPN service to use if you want to watch Tenplay from abroad, click that link, and you will find out in a few seconds from now.

It is really easy, really quick, and you can watch some great content on Tenplay in only a few minutes from now if you jump to that article!

There are lots of great programs worth streaming at the Tenplay website, but my big favorite at the moment is the NBC series named Manifest. It is really interesting, and I am very curious to see how the series will progress. There are only a few episodes left of season 1 at the time writing this article, so I guess there will be a lot of stuff happening in the last episodes to make sure that things get heated up before the end! If you want to watch Manifest as well, but would rather do so at NBC in the USA, follow the instructions in this video to find out how you can access NBC in the USA with a VPN provider that will also help you unblock Tenplay in Australia.

Why do you want to watch Tenplay outside Australia? Which TV series or maybe a live program is it that will make you pay for a VPN subscription in order to access Tenplay? I would love to hear more about your favorites and thoughts!

What to stream on Tenplay on New Years Eve?

Are you stuck in front of your computer on New Year’s Eve and want to watch something great on Tenplay? There are lots of options, and here are some of my suggestions.

The biggest problem with New Year’s Eve is that you have to stay up for a long time, meaning that you have plenty of time. One episode of a TV series is not enough, this is the night of binge-watching at least 4-5-6 episodes of a TV show, or maybe watch two or three movies.

Wisdom of the Crowd
Watch Wisdom of the Crowd on Tenplay

If you want to watch some great movies, you better head over to Netflix instead. They have loads of film available, and some excellent ones in fact. What about watching the Thor movies on Netflix? Or maybe watch a couple of Star Wars movies? There are loads of options, have a good time!

What TV series to binge-watch on New Year’s Eve?

Would you rather watch a TV series? If you are looking for something to stream on Tenplay on New Year’s Eve, my suggestions would be to watch Bull, Wisdom of the Crowd, The Project or maybe NCIS. If you are fed up with NCIS, then I would suggest for you to watch Wisdom of the Crowd instead. In this TV series, we meet a computer nerd who creates a program for detecting criminals in the world, using crowdsourcing. Through social media and other tools, they find people and catch the bad guys. Since a police inspector lost his daughter one year earlier, he is very eager to use the system to capture his daughter’s killer. This is a brilliant crime series, produced by CBS.

The Project is more of a talk-show, in which they speak about interesting topics and show fascinating video-clips. NCIS is an action TV-series, while Bull is more of a slow-drama with Michael Weatherly. He works with legal cases, and his job is to read the people of the jury, in order to get the cases solved in the best possible way for their own clients.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and do not forget, you can read more about how to watch Tenplay from abroad right here.

Watch Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince on Tenplay

Are you in the mood for listening to some inspiration teaching? Did you know that you can listen to Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince on Tenplay?

The three mentioned Bible teachers are among the most famous preachers in the world today. Every week they teach from the Bible in front of thousands of people in home congregations, but that is nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands of people listening to their teachings online. And yes, you can listen to Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and Joseph Prince on Tenplay online.

Joel Osteen on Tenplay

Are these teachings only for Christians?

All the mentioned preachers are Christians who believe in the believe, and preach from the Bible. But, they also teach about life and how to reach your destiny. They help you leave depression behind, low self-esteem, and show you the way out of trouble and other problems you might face. The solution is found in changing your mindset, and if you even invite God in to help you out, you are about to change the path of your life. Change is coming and favor is on your way (quoting Joel Osteen).

Take a look and check it out. You will find all this and lots of other stuff and the Tenplay website. Enjoy!

Summer hits on Tenplay

Have you started your summer holiday already and looking for something to stream on Tenplay? There are some real summer hits airing currently. Do not miss out on them!

If you look at the screenshot beneath you can see some of the fantastic TV series that are now airing their last episodes on Tenplay before the summer. That means that you still have the chance to catch up and watch these entangling TV series and get a fantastic start on your summer.

summer hits on Tenplay

If you like cooking, then MasterChef is an inspiring program that might give you some ideas on what to cook for your friends coming over to barbercue. Modern Family is deep into its latest season, and the TV series which is almost as popular as The Big Bang Theory is a great option for those looking for a good laugh on a warm summer day.

This Is Us is more of a serious drama, created by NBC in the United States. There are only a few episodes left of the first season (on Tenplay). The series itself ended on NBC a few months ago, but the season finale is still to come on Tenplay.

Bull is a great CBS series. I only watched the first two episodes myself, and then I decided to stream other TV series instead, but in a world where you have endless time, I would for sure watch Bull as well.

Prison Break was one of the big surprises of the year for me. I did not even look forward to it, but after watching the first episode of the fifth season I was addicted, and I couldn’t wait for the future episodes to come.You can currently stream the first four episodes of Prison Break season 5 on Tenplay, with more episodes coming. The first season consist of 9 episodes on total, so it is a really nice summer action TV series you should not miss out on.

You can stream all of these goodies online on Tenplay, also from abroad. Find out more on how that can be done here at

You can watch Formula 1 online on Tenplay

Did you know that you can watch Formula 1 races online on Tenplay? That is one of the best things with the entire website. Do not miss out on the close battle between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton!

I am not a big fan of Formula 1, I have to admit that. But, if you start paying attention to the sport then it gets interesting right away. As a result I have started paying attention to Formula 1 this season. At first I did not really care, but then I saw how close race is it between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, and it suddenly got interesting. When I started to pay attention Rosberg was in the lead, but then suddenly Lewis Hamilton won 6 out of the 7 last races, and now he has a small advantage to Nico Rosberg. But, who will be on the top once the season is finished?

Watch Formula 1 on Tenplay
Watch Formula 1 on Tenplay

If you want to watch the Formula 1 races on Tenplay, then you just visit and watch it there. If you are located outside Australia you will need an Australian IP address to be successful, but that is easy and you can read more about how to get one in this article (dealing with how you can watch Tenplay from abroad).

More sports on Tenplay

Tenplay doesn’t broadcast fantastic football such as Premier League in England, and they did not broadcast the European Championship in football in 2016 either. But, during the Summer Olympics they have broadcasted every little detail and the same is true when Winter Olympics are arranged and quite a lot of other big events. That is why Tenplay is one of the best TV networks in the world, and I hope you will enjoy watching Formula 1 on this channel! Have a good time!

No rugby on Tenplay

The Rugby World Cup will start tomorrow and in Australia it will unfortunately not be broadcasted by Tenplay, but instead Fox Sports (pay TV) and Channel 9 will broadcast the matches from the Rugby World Cup on Australian TV.

In general Tenplay is more about brilliant TV series and some sports events such as the latest Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in 2014, but since then they have not been broadcasting larger sports events, but maybe they will get back stronger next year as the Summer Olympics will be arranged.

If you want to watch rugby matches from the Rugby World Cup, then you will either have to watch them on Fox Sports or Channel 9, but if you want to watch all the matches online in a simple way, then you can find detailed instructions on how to watch the Rugby World Cup online in this article.

If you do not even understand the rules of rugby you might however stay with Tenplay and watch The Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Last Man Standing, The Milleres, Drakes, Family Feud, Hawaii Five-O or some other great show available online at! If you are located outside Australia and want to know more about how you can watch Tenplay from abroad, visit the front page and read more about watching Tenplay from outside Australia.


How to watch Sochi Live on Tenplay from outside Australia?

Do you feel like watching the Winter Olympics online using the brilliant Tenplay Sochi Live tool. Here you can watch several channels live and also some specially dedicated Winter Olympics live streams. It looks something like this.

Sochi Live streams in Australia

To be able to watch these streams you will need to get yourself an Australian IP address. That can easily be fixed, and if you want to watch the Olympics on Tenplay (Network Ten) in Australia, I recommend that you use the VPN services of IPVanish. Visit their website and sign up for their VPN service (use keyword Sochi to get a 20% discount). Download their VPN client and connect to a server in Australia, and you are ready to watch these live streams in Australia from wherever you are in the world.

Visit IPVanish website

It really is as easy as it sounds, and I have used this myself already and checked out that it works. So, try it yourself and get started watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi right away.

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics at some other TV channels online, then I have written a longer article on how and where to do that here.

If you liked this article or found it useful, why not share it or like it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Let even more people living outside Australia who want to watch live from Sochi from outside the nation find out how it can be done as they read this article.

If you have any comments or thoughts, just write!


Watch Winter Olympics in Sochi at tenplay, also from abroad!

Tenplay is going for it and during the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 they will work with eight different streams simultaneously at their online service, tenplay.

This is a dream for those who want to follow the winter Olympics online with English commentators, and what makes it even better is that you can follow all these streams also from abroad, all you need to do is to get an Australian IP address and then you are ready to watch tenplay from all across the world.

To get to know more about the Winter Olympics Sochi and further information about how and where you can watch it online if you look for another solution than watching it at tenplay, a service provided by Network Ten, read my following article.

Network Ten and the Winter Olympics