My Life is Murder – an awesome 10Play series

I just watched the first episode of My Life is Murder on 10Play, and I had a great time. I hadn’t even heard about the show before visiting today, but it looked so interesting that I decided to give it a try straight away. Believe me, I did not regret it!

I am a big fan of detective shows and series, and that is probably why I have enjoyed watching all sorts of Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Miss Marple, Elementary, NCIS, and similar TV shows throughout the years. It is always interesting to follow the way of thinking of the different detectives and to see how they use their mind in a brilliant way in order to solve crimes.

But, it is also interesting to follow the personalities of all those detectives. What are they like in their personal lives? And yes, as I watched the first episode of My Life is Murder starring Lucy Lawless in the role as the ex-detective Alexa Crowe, I was greatly impressed by her character. Alexa Crowe is a funny woman, she is laidback, she has humor, she can make great jokes, but under all of this, she is a sharp detective discovering connections and solving crimes by noticing and understand things most people wouldn’t.

Watching My Life is Murder on Tenplay
Watching My Life is Murder on Tenplay

Just like in any other detective show, Alexa needs to have a helper, and in My Life is Murder, the helping role is played by Ebony Vagulans in the role of Madison. She is the one working in front of the computer, helping out with the technical aspect of the different investigations. Together they are making a great team, and it is cool to watch the chemistry between them as they have fun with one another, but also work together in a brilliant way.

My Life is Murder can be streamed on Tenplay

My Life is Murder is produced by Network Ten, meaning that Tenplay is the number one place to stream the show online. According to the website, the episodes should remain available at the website for around 3 years, meaning that you have plenty of time to stream this show online if you feel like.

But, how can you watch My Life is Murder on Tenplay abroad? Visit to find out and read about a method that works perfectly, also in 2019!

If you want to know even more about My Life is Murder, check the following article on Wikipedia.

The first season of My Life is Murder is to consist of 10 episodes in total. The first episode aired on July 17th, and the final episode is supposed to air on September 18th. So far, the first four episodes have been seen by around 500,000 people on Australian TV. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad number, but considering how many American TV shows like Suits and others run with around 100,000 million viewers in the USA, it probably is a quite good number.

How do you like My Life is Murder?

Are you as big a fan of My Life is Murder as I am? I would love to hear your thoughts!

You can still stream Tenplay outside Australia in 2019

It is 2019, and we have great news for all of. It is still possible to stream Tenplay outside Australia in 2019.

Tenplay is a great channel in Australia, and when people down under go abroad, they really long to watch their favorite shows on Tenplay. But, for a long time it has been really hard to access the channel and the programs-on-demand and the live streams, simply because almost all VPN providers are blocked by Tenplay.

We are, however, proud to say that this website is 100% up to date and we check by every single month (and even more often) to make sure that the described method(s) here still work and still will help you get access to Tenplay from abroad, even in 2019.

It is possible to stream Tenplay outside Australia, also in 2019
Watching I’m a Celebrity – Get me out of here on Tenplay online outside Australia

Are you eager to watch Tenplay online as well? Are you located outside Australia?

Follow the instructions in this article to find out how to bypass geo-blocks, which again will make you able to watch Tenplay no matter where you might be in the world!

Watch Australian Survivor 2018 Finale online

The finale of Australian Survivor was broadcasted on Tenplay on October 9th. Didn’t you get to see it live? Why not watch the Australian Survivor 2018 finale online on demand instead?

According to the Tenplay website, the finale of Australian Survivor 2018 will be available at their website for 13 months. In other words, you have until November 2019 to stream the grand finale if you are still interested.

The final episode lasts for 50 minutes, and in it, you will get to see the winner of the competition announced.

australian survivor 2018 online
Australian survivor 2018 online

The finale is episode number 25 of the season. But, what if you haven’t streamed any of the other episodes either? Go ahead and watch the entire season on Tenplay. It is really easy, and you can stream all 25 episodes on Tenplay at the moment.

If you are located outside Australia and want more information about how to stream Tenplay from abroad, simply click the link, or go back to the front page of this blog for more information.

I could tell you who was the winner of Australian Survivor 2018 already, but that would kind of spoil the fun. So, I will not say anything. But, I can promise you lots of action, discussions, and battles if you decide to watch Australian Survivor 2018 on Tenplay.

Click the link above to see Australian Survivor on Tenplay. Enjoy!

What’s up with Kevin?

At 9:30 tonight it is time for a new episode of This Is Us on Tenplay. In tonight’s episode, we get to see Kevin travel to his hometown in order to receive a reward, but things get complicated.

kevin in this is us

Truth be told, I have already seen the episode of This Is Us that will be aired on Tenplay tonight. How come? I watch the episodes on Hulu, and that means I get access to the episodes at the same time as they are aired in the United States, and thus I do not have to wait for the episode to be aired on Tenplay in Australia. But, if you watch the episodes on Tenplay in Australia, you have something to look forward to.

Kevin is having some tough days, and he definitely has a problem with his drinkings and pills. His problems are about to get even bigger tonight, but I will not share more light on the story than I have already done.

This Is Us is one of my favorite TV series, even though I do not always like it. It is much easier to watch TV series like Kevin Can Wait, The Big Bang Theory, or NCIS. You can watch those TV series and just have a good time while watching This Is Us forces you to think, ask yourself questions, and maybe even answer them. That is good, but it ain’t always¬†easy.

Are you eager to watch tonight’s episode of This Is Us on Tenplay? You can watch it online as well, but make sure to stream it quickly, because the episode will not remain available online forever.

Are you out on an Easter holiday somewhere, and looking for a way to watch the most recent episode of This Is Us on Tenplay while abroad? You might have a hard time doing so, but there is a way to fix it. You can read more about how to stream Tenplay outside Australia here.

Wish you all a happy Easter and a wonderful day!

The Bachelorette, Australian Survivor, The Wrong Girl, B&B, Wake In Fright, HYBPA?, Neighbours, Gogglebox – Watch them on Tenplay

I get lots of visitors coming to this site every day. They all want to stream shows like The Bachelorette, Australian Survivor, The Wrong Girl, B&B, Wake In Fright, HYBPA?, Neighbours and Gogglebox on Tenplay, but they cannot do so because they are residing outside Australia. Is there anything that can be done?

This is a very annoying error message if you want to stream your favorite TV show on Tenplay
This is a very annoying error message if you want to stream your favorite TV show on Tenplay

You are probably not a fan of all the TV shows I just listed here in the introduction of the articles, but you might be a big fan of some of them. Are you into the reality shows like Australian Survivor and The Bachelorette, or would you rather watch a comedy like The Wrong Girl or Neighbours? If you would rather exercise your brain, the right show for you is Have You Been Paying Attention. Well, this is the time to pay attention, because if you want to stream these TV shows on Tenplay from outside Australia, you will need to use a VPN to trick the Tenplay website.

But, it isn’t that simple… 99% of all VPN providers are blocked by Tenplay, meaning that they will not actually help you. I have created this site to help you out find the 1% that works. Instead of updating lots of articles, I keep the front page of this blog updated. So, visit my guide on how to stream Tenplay abroad, and you will find an updated method that will work and will let you stream all your favorite Tenplay shows in a few minutes from now!


Test your business idea at Tenplay!

Shark Tank is a fantastic program available at Tenplay. In this program young entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of sharks, and their task is to either embrace or rip the business idea apart.

Shark Tank Tenplay

The sharks do not only make up a little jury judging the ideas, but they are also looking for actual ideas in which they want to invest their money. This is, in other words, real ideas, with real money at stake, and people are looking for a way to get their ideas turned into reality.

Would you like to watch the Shark Tank on Tenplay? You can watch the episodes online at the Tenplay website. If you live outside Australia, it can still be done, but you need to follow these instructions to watch Tenplay from abroad.

Is Shark Tank a program worth watching?

If you enjoy good entertainment, then this is a show for you. If you have an entrepreneur on the inside, then you will also enjoy this show. Here you will hear good questions asked, you will learn to think like a businessman, and you will also understand more about what an investor is looking for in a project. You can, in other words, learn a lot as you watch Shark Tank on Tenplay. Enjoy!


Watch Bull on Tenplay

The first season of the CBS series Bull goes towards an end on Tenplay. The 23rd episode aired on August 6th, and now the season finale is the only episode left.

Bull was one of the new CBS series that launched in the autumn 2016. It immediately turned into a success, not only in the USA, but also on Tenplay in Australia. There are millions of Bull fans worldwide, and if you are one of them, then you have probably finished the first season already. Or, are you following Bull on Tenplay, and now you are eager to watch the season finale online? You only have to wait for one more week, and then you are ready to stream.

In the TV series Bull we meet Michael Weaverly (better known for his role in the TV series NCIS). He is not a lawyer, but one who helps people in legal trouble. He knows how to analyze any jury and any person, and based on this, he can help people who needs to convince a jury of their innocence, or something similar.

I have watched quite a lot of Bull episodes, but not all of them. There are so many TV series that I want to watch, and Bull was not among my top-priority TV series. In the last year I have for example streamed 24: Legacy, another TV series streamed by Tenplay as well.

Bull screenshots

I have just watched the 23rd episode of Bull from the first season on Tenplay. The quality isn’t very good when you try to make screenshots, but I can at least prove that it is working. There are quite a lot of ads as you stream Bull on Tenplay, but it would be the same if you watched Bull on a real TV channel, so I have no problem living with that.

Bull online
Watching Bull online on Tenplay

It is easy to stream Tenplay in Europe
It is easy to stream Tenplay in Europe

Watch the new Prison Break season on Tenplay

One of the great surprises so far in 2017 for me has been the fifth season of Prison Break. I did not look forward to it, and I wasn’t really interested in it.

As I watched the fourth season of Prison Break I was devastated as the season ended. It couldn’t have ended in a more terrible way, and waking up the story and Michael Scofield from the “dead” was kind of too way off for me. For that reason I did not want to watch the new season, and I had little faith in the fact that Fox could revive the TV series in a positive way.

When the first episode of season 5 was launched I was out traveling, and I could not watch it. After returning to my home again I did not care much about it, so when I decided to first take a peek at the new season of Prison Break, the first five episodes had already aired.

Stream Prison Break on Tenplay

As I watched the first episode I was really surprised to see that it made me curious. What is actually going on in this new Prison Break season? What’s up with Michael Scofield? And what is up with the rest of the characters from the earlier seasons? And what is up with this prison in Yemen in which Michael Scofield is supposed to be? Who placed him there? Why does he have another name? He is pulling the strings in the background?

After the first episode I simply looked very much forward to the next episode, and currently there are three more episodes coming up in the first season. I can’t wait for them to arrive and I am very curious to see how this season will end. I always hope that the season will end with kind of closure to the story, but Fox will need to leave some strings open in order for them to be able to create a new season (number 6). Will a sixth season be created? You can read more about Prison break season 6 here.

If you want to watch the current season of Prison Break on Tenplay, read the following instructions. You do not need to pay anything for this to work, but you need an Australian IP address that is not blocked by Tenplay. Sounds hard? It isn’t, just follow the instructions in the article linked to earlier.


I have already watched the first episodes of 24: Legacy

24: Legacy has not yet come to Tenplay, but it will arrive within a few days from now. I am a bit inpatient, and because of that I have already watched the first two episodes of 24: Legacy online.

As I mentioned in an earlier article 24: Legacy will come to Tenplay around February 12th. That is quite a long time of waiting, especially considering that it premiered in the United States on Fox on February 5th. That is an entire week, and considering how the entire 24 story takes place in actual time, waiting one week for a 13-hour story to begin, that is a whole lot.

24 legacy on tenplay

Is 24: Legacy worth the wait?

As I mentioned I have already watched the first two episodes on Hulu in the United States. With my Hulu subscription, I can watch the episodes online only a few hours after they air on TV in the United States. It works great and for inpatient people like me it is totally worth it. You can read more about watching 24: Legacy on Hulu in this article.

But, is 24: Legacy worth the wait? That is a great question, and after watching the first two episodes my answer is definitely yes. Our new superhero is now called Eric Carter and he is taking over the job from Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland is working in the background helping out, but this time we will not see him on the screen at all, except from if you watch Designated Survivor (something I can warmly recommend you to do, also available on Hulu).

I am surprised to see how easy it is to digest 24 without Jack Bauer. What surprises me is that it is much rather the concept that I fell in love with, and not so much Jack Bauer. Our new guy Eric Carter does the job in an impressing way, and he is already set out to save the United States from lots of sleeper cells waiting for the message to go ahead with their planned attacks.

The other people in 24: Legacy also does a great job, and I must admit that having to wait one more week for the next episode to arrive feels like a very long wait. But, it is worth it!

For more information on how you can watch 24: Legacy online on Tenplay, just press the link!


24: Legacy coming to Tenplay soon

Are you looking forward to the 24: Legacy premiere on Tenplay in Australia on February 12th? I am! Are you planning to watch it online? I am!

Tenplay is the TV network in Australia that will broadcast the new season of 24. Just like with season 9 this will only consist of 12 episodes (not 24), but if it turns into a big success then we can for sure expect the next season to be a 24 episodes season again.

If you want to watch 24: Legacy on Tenplay then you will find it there available from February 12th (or maybe from 13th in the morning). If you try to watch it from outside Australia you will however be stopped and get an error message saying that “to access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia.” If you are abroad and want to access Tenplay and watch it online then you have to follow these instructions.

24 legacy on tenplay
When will 24 Legacy come to Tenplay? At February 12th!

But, there is one place where you can watch 24: Legacy online in addition to on Tenplay. That place is Hulu and on Hulu you can get access to the season premiere on 24: Legacy even earlier. On Hulu (in the USA) it will premiere on February 6th, so you can get to see all the action one week earlier than the rest of the people down under. Choose for yourself… I will watch 24: Legacy on Hulu! For more information on how you can watch Hulu in Australia just press the link!

One more TV series coming to Tenplay in 2017 is This is Us. This is the success series from NBC telling the stories about some very average people. At first I did not want to watch this, but after watching a few episodes (also on Hulu) I am totally caught up in the story and this is a TV series that actually has something to say. Do not miss out on This Is Us as it will premiere on Tenplay later in 2017.