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The Bachelorette, Australian Survivor, The Wrong Girl, B&B, Wake In Fright, HYBPA?, Neighbours, Gogglebox – Watch them on Tenplay

I get lots of visitors coming to this site every day. They all want to stream shows like The Bachelorette, Australian Survivor, The Wrong Girl, B&B, Wake In Fright, HYBPA?, Neighbours and Gogglebox on Tenplay, but they cannot do so because they are residing outside Australia. Is there anything that can be done? You are probably not a fan of all the TV shows I just listed here in the… Read More »

Test your business idea at Tenplay!

Shark Tank is a fantastic program available at Tenplay. In this program young entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of sharks, and their task is to either embrace or rip the business idea apart. The sharks do not only make up a little jury judging the ideas, but they are also looking for actual ideas in which they want to invest their money. This is, in other words, real… Read More »

Watch Bull on Tenplay

The first season of the CBS series Bull goes towards an end on Tenplay. The 23rd episode aired on August 6th, and now the season finale is the only episode left. Bull was one of the new CBS series that launched in the autumn 2016. It immediately turned into a success, not only in the USA, but also on Tenplay in Australia. There are millions of Bull fans worldwide, and… Read More »

Watch the new Prison Break season on Tenplay

One of the great surprises so far in 2017 for me has been the fifth season of Prison Break. I did not look forward to it, and I wasn’t really interested in it. As I watched the fourth season of Prison Break I was devastated as the season ended. It couldn’t have ended in a more terrible way, and waking up the story and Michael Scofield from the “dead” was… Read More »

I have already watched the first episodes of 24: Legacy

24: Legacy has not yet come to Tenplay, but it will arrive within a few days from now. I am a bit inpatient, and because of that I have already watched the first two episodes of 24: Legacy online. As I mentioned in an earlier article 24: Legacy will come to Tenplay around February 12th. That is quite a long time of waiting, especially considering that it premiered in the… Read More »

24: Legacy coming to Tenplay soon

Are you looking forward to the 24: Legacy premiere on Tenplay in Australia on February 12th? I am! Are you planning to watch it online? I am! Tenplay is the TV network in Australia that will broadcast the new season of 24. Just like with season 9 this will only consist of 12 episodes (not 24), but if it turns into a big success then we can for sure expect… Read More »

NCIS playing on Tenplay throughout the summer

The summer doesn’t have to be a boring time, and NCIS is doing its uttermost to help you with that. While most cable networks only repeat earlier shows and play the not so popular shows during summertime, Tenplay is doing the opposite. If you visit the Tenplay website you will soon realize that Tenplay shows new NCIS episodes throughout the entire summer.  They do not only show NCIS: Los Angeles… Read More »

Can I watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad?

Elementary is one of my favorite stories and I truly enjoy all series that has to do with Sherlock Holmes. But, how to watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad? If you like the story about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Elementary then you know for sure that you can watch it on Elementary on Tenplay. At the moment season 4 is airing and new episodes are added to Tenplay every… Read More »

Now you can watch The X-Files on Tenplay

The newest season of X-Files catching up were the story ended long time ago is running with big success. Now you can watch The X-Files on Tenplay as well. The X-Files is a Fox series and the tenth season was aired in the start of 2016 in the United States. Now it has arrived to other nations around the globe as well, meaning that X-Files fan yet again can watch… Read More »