How to download the Tenplay application for Android when you can not find it in Google Play Store?

Would you like to watch Tenplay online on your Android device, but cannot do so because you are abroad? But an even great challenge is the fact that you can not download the Tenplay application to your Android device. How come? Why can’t I find the Tenplay application in the Android store?

It is a typical problem occurring when you try to download Android applications belonging to a different nation than the one you are in. The same problem will occur if you try to download the Hulu application, the HBO Now application and the applications belonging to other services limited to a certain country.

Why can’t I find the Tenplay application in Play Store?

You can not find the Tenplay application in Play store for two reasons:

  • You might actually be in Australia, but if your Google account is setup with a payment method belonging to another nation, then you will not find it anyway. In other words, if you have a Swedish Google account, you will not find the Tenplay application in Google Play Store no matter where you are in the world, simply because your account is connected to Sweden.
  • Your Google account does not have a valid payment method added. If that is so, then you will always visit the Google Play Store of the nation you are currently in. As a result, you will only get access to the Australian Play Store, if you are located in Australia.

What is the solution to this problem?

There are two ways to solve this problem.

  1. Follow the instructions in this article and create a new Google account. Use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to get an Australian IP address, and you will at once get access the Tenplay application. ExpressVPN can later be used when you try to watch Tenplay from abroad.
    ExpressVPN websiteand watch 10Play abroad
  2. Download the Tenplay.apk file (you can read instructions on where to find it in the article) manually to your Android device, install it and you are good to go. You will still need the VPN subscription to actually stream Tenplay later.

Now you should be ready to download the Tenplay application for Android, and also to stream Tenplay from abroad in a few minutes from now. If you have further questions or comments, use the comment field beneath.

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