I have already watched the first episodes of 24: Legacy

24: Legacy has not yet come to Tenplay, but it will arrive within a few days from now. I am a bit inpatient, and because of that I have already watched the first two episodes of 24: Legacy online.

As I mentioned in an earlier article 24: Legacy will come to Tenplay around February 12th. That is quite a long time of waiting, especially considering that it premiered in the United States on Fox on February 5th. That is an entire week, and considering how the entire 24 story takes place in actual time, waiting one week for a 13-hour story to begin, that is a whole lot.

24 legacy on tenplay

Is 24: Legacy worth the wait?

As I mentioned I have already watched the first two episodes on Hulu in the United States. With my Hulu subscription, I can watch the episodes online only a few hours after they air on TV in the United States. It works great and for inpatient people like me it is totally worth it. You can read more about watching 24: Legacy on Hulu in this article.

But, is 24: Legacy worth the wait? That is a great question, and after watching the first two episodes my answer is definitely yes. Our new superhero is now called Eric Carter and he is taking over the job from Jack Bauer. Kiefer Sutherland is working in the background helping out, but this time we will not see him on the screen at all, except from if you watch Designated Survivor (something I can warmly recommend you to do, also available on Hulu).

I am surprised to see how easy it is to digest 24 without Jack Bauer. What surprises me is that it is much rather the concept that I fell in love with, and not so much Jack Bauer. Our new guy Eric Carter does the job in an impressing way, and he is already set out to save the United States from lots of sleeper cells waiting for the message to go ahead with their planned attacks.

The other people in 24: Legacy also does a great job, and I must admit that having to wait one more week for the next episode to arrive feels like a very long wait. But, it is worth it!

For more information on how you can watch 24: Legacy online on Tenplay, just press the link!


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