Can I watch Premier League football on Tenplay?

I am a football fan and would love to watch Premier League football. Can that be done on Tenplay?

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no! If you want to watch the Premier League in Australia the answer for you is Here you can buy a subscription and gain access to all the Premier League action online. But, if you come to this page and read this article, but read it from outside Australia, then you will probably know that you need an Australian IP address to watch Tenplay from abroad, and to watch you will also need an Australian IP address. Luckily that can be fixed easily, and you can read more about how to get an Australian IP address in this article.

If you want to know more about watching the Premier League online, then you can read more about watching Premier League online at

But, do not forget that there are lots of other great content on Tenplay, so if you have some time in between the Premier League matches, do not miss out on the New Girl and Elementary episodes. And if you like a good talk show then the Graham Norton talk show is something you should watch, it is great and there are always amazing stars participating in the show!

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