Can I watch the Formula 1 races live on Tenplay in Australia?

Have you read somewhere that Tenplay in Australia is the official broadcaster of the Formula 1 races all across the world? That might be, but can you actually watch the Formula 1 races live on the Tenplay website?

First of all, the modern name of the channel and streaming service isn’t longer Tenplay, but instead, it is called 10Play. But, who really cares about that? Can you actually stream the Formula 1 races live online on 10Play?

Formula 1 on 10Play in Australia

There is a list on the Tenplay website in Australia presenting what they will show of Formula 1 races in 2019. If you check the list, you will notice that the only race that is shown live is Australian Grand Prix (which was the first race of the season and that was won by Bottas from Mercedes). Besides that, they will show highlights from all the other races, but that is about it. In other words, you cannot stream the Formula 1 races live on the Tenplay website.

If you try to check the link above to see an overview presenting what 10Play will show of Formula 1 races, you might actually only get an error message telling you that the stream is unavailable at your current location. The Tenplay website is blocked to people visiting from outside Australia, and that is why you need to sign up for and use a VPN that actually works with Tenplay. But, which VPN provider is that? Take a look at and you will find out at once which VPN provider to use to access Tenplay abroad.

Which are the coolest shows on Tenplay right now?

There are lots of cool shows on Tenplay you can watch, considering that you cannot really stream the Formula 1 races on Tenplay, and if you are a movie fan, you better check out Show Me The Movie with Rove. But, you might be happy to watch several NCIS shows with lots of episodes available at the Tenplay website as well.

If you live in Australia, you also like the service iview, a brilliant service in Australia with lots of episode available online. But, you will get an error there as well if you try to access the streaming service abroad. So what can be done if you want to stream Killing Eve season 2 online on ABC iview in Australia? Click the link and follow the instructions to find out. There is a lot of stuff to stream on this channel in Australia, and if you follow the instructions here at this site about streaming Tenplay abroad, you will also find out how you can stream ABC iview abroad right away!

No Formula 1 on Tenplay, but you can stream NCIS at least!
Watching NCIS on 10Play outside Australia

Go ahead and have a good time… and sorry to be the one to crack the bad news on you that you cannot stream the Formula 1 races live online on the Tenplay website.

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