Can I watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad?

Elementary is one of my favorite stories and I truly enjoy all series that has to do with Sherlock Holmes. But, how to watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad?

If you like the story about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Elementary then you know for sure that you can watch it on Elementary on Tenplay. At the moment season 4 is airing and new episodes are added to Tenplay every week which you can watch online. I have just watched episode 9 from season 4 online and it was great, but what can you do to watch Tenplay and Elementary online if you are located outside Australia (like I am)?

Watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad

Watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad

What you need to do in order to watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad, and not only Elementary, but all other available online content on the Tenplay website, is an Australian IP address which you can get easily using the VPN services of PureVPN.PureVPN websitewith big discount

If you click the button above and sign up for their services you will at once be able to download the PureVPN client to Windows, your tablet or your phone, and then you only connect to a server in Australia and you are ready to go in a few minutes from now. And then you will have an Australian IP address and you can watch Tenplay online from all across the world in a few minutes from now. And this is great not only if you want to watch Elementary, but since Tenplay often broadcast fantastic sports events and other cool stuff, this can be used to so much more.

You can also use PureVPN to get an American IP address, and with that you can also watch the newest Elementary episodes on the CBS website in the USA. Or you can get a UK IP address and watch BBC live online or TV programs on demand. As you understand the possibilities are big and you can really get lots of joy of your PureVPN subscription, so get started and try it today.

Are you a big fan of Elementary? Or do you like the BBC TV series Sherlock better?

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