24: Legacy coming to Tenplay soon

Are you looking forward to the 24: Legacy premiere on Tenplay in Australia on February 12th? I am! Are you planning to watch it online? I am!

Tenplay is the TV network in Australia that will broadcast the new season of 24. Just like with season 9 this will only consist of 12 episodes (not 24), but if it turns into a big success then we can for sure expect the next season to be a 24 episodes season again.

If you want to watch 24: Legacy on Tenplay then you will find it there available from February 12th (or maybe from 13th in the morning). If you try to watch it from outside Australia you will however be stopped and get an error message saying that “to access Tenplay, you must reside within Australia.” If you are abroad and want to access Tenplay and watch it online then you have to follow these instructions.

24 legacy on tenplay
When will 24 Legacy come to Tenplay? At February 12th!

But, there is one place where you can watch 24: Legacy online in addition to on Tenplay. That place is Hulu and on Hulu you can get access to the season premiere on 24: Legacy even earlier. On Hulu (in the USA) it will premiere on February 6th, so you can get to see all the action one week earlier than the rest of the people down under. Choose for yourself… I will watch 24: Legacy on Hulu! For more information on how you can watch Hulu in Australia just press the link!

One more TV series coming to Tenplay in 2017 is This is Us. This is the success series from NBC telling the stories about some very average people. At first I did not want to watch this, but after watching a few episodes (also on Hulu) I am totally caught up in the story and this is a TV series that actually has something to say. Do not miss out on This Is Us as it will premiere on Tenplay later in 2017.

The coolest TV shows at Tenplay

I live outside Australia, but I often write articles on how one can watch Australian TV channels outside the borders of the country. Tenplay is one of my favorite TV channels, and here I am about to give you my list of the coolest TV shows on Tenplay at the moment.

As you probably understand this list is totally subject to my own feelings and preferences. I am not so much into drama stories and neither am I a big fan of reality shows. With those preferences laid down as a foundation for this article I now give you my favorite TV shows at Tenplay at the moment.

My favorite TV shows at Tenplay at the moment


You might say that I am crazy. The rebirth of Angus Macgyver has divided the world in two. There are those who hate the new and modern version of Macgyver, while the new Macgyver series also has its new/old fans. After watching the first episode I did not become a giant fan, but after watching five episodes I have discovered that I kind of like it. The new Macgyver is much more action and his companion Jack Dalton has a much bigger part in the newer version. It is also a plus that the leader of the Phoenix Foundation often takes part in the action. You should note however that the leader of the Phoenix Foundation is a lady named Patricia Thornton. It might not be as brilliant as the original, but still an action TV series worth watching.


The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple is the name of another TV series that once was a hit. Recently CBS decided to start it over again and in the modern version we meet Matthew Perry playing the role as Oscar Madison and Thomas Lennon plays his role as Felix Unger. These are the main characters and they do a fantastic job. I am especially a fan of the way Thomas Lennon plays his role as Felix Unger which I find incredible. It is almost impossible to watch an episode of The Odd Couple without getting some hard laughs, and in season 2 a big star such as Teri Hatcher also enters the list of actors taking part.


I never considered that Scorpion shares a lot of similarities with Macgyver, but once someone told me about the similarities I suddenly got it. Running on season 3 at the moment we follow a crew of incredibly smart people who use their intelligence to solve urgent matters. The crew is led by Walter O’Brien, a guy with the fourth highest intelligence ever recorded. His coworkers have their talents, and also their errors, and that makes Scorpion a sweet mixture of humor and action.

The Wrong Girl

While the three other TV series I mentioned all origin in the USA that is not so with The Wrong Girl. This is a TV series produced for Tenplay in Australia and it premiered in September 2016. In The Wrong Girl we follow Lily Woodward, a producer of a morning show on TV. Just like we can expect from such a comedy TV show life is not a walk on roses, and thus she gets into conflicts in her relationships and in her love life. A nice comedy TV series that I look forward to watch!

  • Are any of these TV shows on your list of favorite TV shows on Tenplay? Do you have another favorite? Write a comment and share your thoughts!

This article was written by Thomas Stein. He is the author and creator at www.ipaddressguide.org. There he writes about streaming, about VPN services, about tech topics and Internet security.

NCIS playing on Tenplay throughout the summer

NCIS on TenplayThe summer doesn’t have to be a boring time, and NCIS is doing its uttermost to help you with that. While most cable networks only repeat earlier shows and play the not so popular shows during summertime, Tenplay is doing the opposite.

If you visit the Tenplay website you will soon realize that Tenplay shows new NCIS episodes throughout the entire summer.  They do not only show NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS this summer. If you like cooking then MasterChef Australia is going strong throughout the summer as well. Watch the new episodes every week on the Tenplay website.

But, that is not all! Besides MasterChef and NCIS you can also watch Neighbors, The Bachelor Australia, The Project, Family Feud and other shows on the Tenplay website.

What are you going to do tonight? Watch some great stuff on the Tenplay website. And if you look for some content that you can’t find on Tenplay, why not watch it on Australian Netflix? And what can you do if you are abroad? Read my instructions that will tell you how to watch Tenplay from abroad and my instructions on watching Australian Netflix from abroad.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the heat, the beach and some great films and TV series!

Can I watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad?

Elementary is one of my favorite stories and I truly enjoy all series that has to do with Sherlock Holmes. But, how to watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad?

If you like the story about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in Elementary then you know for sure that you can watch it on Elementary on Tenplay. At the moment season 4 is airing and new episodes are added to Tenplay every week which you can watch online. I have just watched episode 9 from season 4 online and it was great, but what can you do to watch Tenplay and Elementary online if you are located outside Australia (like I am)?

Watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad

Watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad

What you need to do in order to watch Elementary on Tenplay abroad, and not only Elementary, but all other available online content on the Tenplay website, is an Australian IP address which you can get easily using the VPN services of PureVPN.PureVPN websitewith big discount

If you click the button above and sign up for their services you will at once be able to download the PureVPN client to Windows, your tablet or your phone, and then you only connect to a server in Australia and you are ready to go in a few minutes from now. And then you will have an Australian IP address and you can watch Tenplay online from all across the world in a few minutes from now. And this is great not only if you want to watch Elementary, but since Tenplay often broadcast fantastic sports events and other cool stuff, this can be used to so much more.

You can also use PureVPN to get an American IP address, and with that you can also watch the newest Elementary episodes on the CBS website in the USA. Or you can get a UK IP address and watch BBC live online or TV programs on demand. As you understand the possibilities are big and you can really get lots of joy of your PureVPN subscription, so get started and try it today.

Are you a big fan of Elementary? Or do you like the BBC TV series Sherlock better?

Now you can watch The X-Files on Tenplay

The newest season of X-Files catching up were the story ended long time ago is running with big success. Now you can watch The X-Files on Tenplay as well.

Watch THe X Files on Tenplay
Watch The X-Files on Tenplay

The X-Files is a Fox series and the tenth season was aired in the start of 2016 in the United States. Now it has arrived to other nations around the globe as well, meaning that X-Files fan yet again can watch Scully and Mulder as they investigate mystical happenings taking place in their neighborhood. This is keeping up exactly the same style as before, so if you were a fan of X-Files back then, you will for sure like the new season as well. If you have never seen X-Files before then you can without a problem just start with season 10, and if you get addicted then you can of course travel back in time and watch the first nine seasons later.

You can as I mentioned watch The X-Files on Tenplay right away. If you are located outside Australia then read this article for information on watching Tenplay online outside Australia. One more thing is that you can also watch X-Files on Fox in the USA, but if you are located outside the USA then read this article for information on how to watch Fox overseas.

I hope you will enjoy the X-Files. It is not at all my favorite TV show so I will watch something else instead, but if you like stories that deal with UFOs and other interesting objects and creatures, then X-Files is for you!