NCIS playing on Tenplay throughout the summer

NCIS on TenplayThe summer doesn’t have to be a boring time, and NCIS is doing its uttermost to help you with that. While most cable networks only repeat earlier shows and play the not so popular shows during summertime, Tenplay is doing the opposite.

If you visit the Tenplay website you will soon realize that Tenplay shows new NCIS episodes throughout the entire summer.  They do not only show NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS this summer. If you like cooking then MasterChef Australia is going strong throughout the summer as well. Watch the new episodes every week on the Tenplay website.

But, that is not all! Besides MasterChef and NCIS you can also watch Neighbors, The Bachelor Australia, The Project, Family Feud and other shows on the Tenplay website.

What are you going to do tonight? Watch some great stuff on the Tenplay website. And if you look for some content that you can’t find on Tenplay, why not watch it on Australian Netflix? And what can you do if you are abroad? Read my instructions that will tell you how to watch Tenplay from abroad and my instructions on watching Australian Netflix from abroad.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the heat, the beach and some great films and TV series!

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