How to stream the Academy Awards in Australia?

I would love to watch the Academy Awards online on Australian TV (9NOW), but can not do it since I am abroad. Can you please help?

I was of course hoping that the Academy Awards would be broadcasted on Tenplay, but I soon discovered that the Academy Awards will be broadcasted on 9NOW in Australia instead. You can find the live website for streaming the event on 9NOW right here. But, there is a slight problem. If you visit the website from outside of Australia, you will see a message looking something like this:

stream Academy Awards on 9now abroad
Can I stream the Oscars 2017 on 9Now from abroad

If you see the error message mentioned above, I am about to tell you what the solution is.

Stream the Oscars 2017 on Australian TV abroad

To watch the Oscars 2017 on 9Now from abroad, you need to give 9Now the impression that you are located in Australia. That can be done by getting an Australian IP address, but that in itself is no longer enough as most VPN providers offering IP addresses in Australia are blocked by Tenplay and 9Now. But, the answer if you want to stream 9Now or Tenplay from abroad is a service named ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN websiteand watch 10Play abroad

If you click the button above you can visit the ExpressVPN website, sign up, download their client and connect to one of their servers in Australia. As soon as you are connected you will get an Australian IP address. You should then restart your browser, and afterwards you can visit Tenplay (or 9Now to stream the Oscars), and you can start streaming Australian content online (abroad) right away.

If you are hesitant to paying for a service like ExpressVPN, you might feel a bit more relaxed to hear that they have a 30 day full refund policy, making sure that you will be satisfied with what you get!

Watch the oscars 2017 on 9now
I am using ExpressVPN, and now I can watch the Oscars on 9Now, also from abroad!

If you want to stream the Oscars 2017 on a TV channel somewhere else in the world, then I suggest that you read the following article published on

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