What to stream on Tenplay on New Years Eve?

Are you stuck in front of your computer on New Year’s Eve and want to watch something great on Tenplay? There are lots of options, and here are some of my suggestions.

The biggest problem with New Year’s Eve is that you have to stay up for a long time, meaning that you have plenty of time. One episode of a TV series is not enough, this is the night of binge-watching at least 4-5-6 episodes of a TV show, or maybe watch two or three movies.

Wisdom of the Crowd
Watch Wisdom of the Crowd on Tenplay

If you want to watch some great movies, you better head over to Netflix instead. They have loads of film available, and some excellent ones in fact. What about watching the Thor movies on Netflix? Or maybe watch a couple of Star Wars movies? There are loads of options, have a good time!

What TV series to binge-watch on New Year’s Eve?

Would you rather watch a TV series? If you are looking for something to stream on Tenplay on New Year’s Eve, my suggestions would be to watch Bull, Wisdom of the Crowd, The Project or maybe NCIS. If you are fed up with NCIS, then I would suggest for you to watch Wisdom of the Crowd instead. In this TV series, we meet a computer nerd who creates a program for detecting criminals in the world, using crowdsourcing. Through social media and other tools, they find people and catch the bad guys. Since a police inspector lost his daughter one year earlier, he is very eager to use the system to capture his daughter’s killer. This is a brilliant crime series, produced by CBS.

The Project is more of a talk-show, in which they speak about interesting topics and show fascinating video-clips. NCIS is an action TV-series, while Bull is more of a slow-drama with Michael Weatherly. He works with legal cases, and his job is to read the people of the jury, in order to get the cases solved in the best possible way for their own clients.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and do not forget, you can read more about how to watch Tenplay from abroad right here.

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