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The first season of the CBS series Bull goes towards an end on Tenplay. The 23rd episode aired on August 6th, and now the season finale is the only episode left.

Bull was one of the new CBS series that launched in the autumn 2016. It immediately turned into a success, not only in the USA, but also on Tenplay in Australia. There are millions of Bull fans worldwide, and if you are one of them, then you have probably finished the first season already. Or, are you following Bull on Tenplay, and now you are eager to watch the season finale online? You only have to wait for one more week, and then you are ready to stream.

In the TV series Bull we meet Michael Weaverly (better known for his role in the TV series NCIS). He is not a lawyer, but one who helps people in legal trouble. He knows how to analyze any jury and any person, and based on this, he can help people who needs to convince a jury of their innocence, or something similar.

I have watched quite a lot of Bull episodes, but not all of them. There are so many TV series that I want to watch, and Bull was not among my top-priority TV series. In the last year I have for example streamed 24: Legacy, another TV series streamed by Tenplay as well.

Bull screenshots

I have just watched the 23rd episode of Bull from the first season on Tenplay. The quality isn’t very good when you try to make screenshots, but I can at least prove that it is working. There are quite a lot of ads as you stream Bull on Tenplay, but it would be the same if you watched Bull on a real TV channel, so I have no problem living with that.

Bull online
Watching Bull online on Tenplay
It is easy to stream Tenplay in Europe
It is easy to stream Tenplay in Europe

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