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Gogglebox is a very popular show in the UK, and Googlebox might be even more popular in Australia. You can now watch the popular program on Tenplay in Australia. But, what is Gogglebox all about?

Have you ever wondered what other people think, say and do as they watch TV programs? In Gogglebox you can find out more about what they do. Here you can see the comments and reactions as some of the best TV viewers in Australia sit down to watch their favorite programs, events and programs at their TV’s. But, what do they all think as they watch the Royal Wedding with Prince William and Meghan Markle? Or how do they react as they watch date programs on TV or some other show? This is the ultimate program if you want to laugh and see lots of great comments and reactions.

In the show, people are taken into ten different lounge rooms in which they watch some great content. While watching, they are served things to eat and drink, and it turns into a big party as they watch the programs and freely share their thoughts about what they see.

Gogglebox is currently running in season 10 on Tenplay in Australia, and you can watch all the episodes of the latest season currently at the Tenplay website.

I am watching Gogglebox on Tenplay from abroad
I am watching Gogglebox on Tenplay from abroad

But, how can I watch Gogglebox outside Australia?

If you live outside Australia and want to watch Gogglebox on the Tenplay website, you will need to use a VPN service that will actually give you access to Tenplay from abroad. But, that isn’t easy, as almost every single VPN provider is blocked by Tenplay.

But, there is a solution that works, and to find out which VPN to use in order to watch Tenplay abroad, click the link.

The reactions to Manifest

I just watched the reactions to the first episode of Manifest in Gogglebox. You can see it easily in the highlights from season 8 episode 8. This is one of my favorite TV shows at the moment, and it was so amazing to watch the reactions of the people as they saw the events unfold in front of their eyes on Tenplay. Some of the comments were simply legendary.

If you haven’t seen Manifest yourself, go ahead and watch the latest episodes on Tenplay right away. If you want to watch Manifest season 1 online in full, these are the instructions to follow!

Is Gogglebox one of your favorite shows on Tenplay? You can easily watch it online at the Tenplay website and it is well worth the time!

Do you have another favorite program on Tenplay that I should watch? I would love to hear your recommendations and thoughts!

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