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One of the great surprises so far in 2017 for me has been the fifth season of Prison Break. I did not look forward to it, and I wasn’t really interested in it.

As I watched the fourth season of Prison Break I was devastated as the season ended. It couldn’t have ended in a more terrible way, and waking up the story and Michael Scofield from the “dead” was kind of too way off for me. For that reason I did not want to watch the new season, and I had little faith in the fact that Fox could revive the TV series in a positive way.

When the first episode of season 5 was launched I was out traveling, and I could not watch it. After returning to my home again I did not care much about it, so when I decided to first take a peek at the new season of Prison Break, the first five episodes had already aired.

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As I watched the first episode I was really surprised to see that it made me curious. What is actually going on in this new Prison Break season? What’s up with Michael Scofield? And what is up with the rest of the characters from the earlier seasons? And what is up with this prison in Yemen in which Michael Scofield is supposed to be? Who placed him there? Why does he have another name? He is pulling the strings in the background?

After the first episode I simply looked very much forward to the next episode, and currently there are three more episodes coming up in the first season. I can’t wait for them to arrive and I am very curious to see how this season will end. I always hope that the season will end with kind of closure to the story, but Fox will need to leave some strings open in order for them to be able to create a new season (number 6). Will a sixth season be created? You can read more about Prison break season 6 here.

If you want to watch the current season of Prison Break on Tenplay, read the following instructions. You do not need to pay anything for this to work, but you need an Australian IP address that is not blocked by Tenplay. Sounds hard? It isn’t, just follow the instructions in the article linked to earlier.


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