How to watch Sochi Live on Tenplay from outside Australia?

Do you feel like watching the Winter Olympics online using the brilliant Tenplay Sochi Live tool. Here you can watch several channels live and also some specially dedicated Winter Olympics live streams. It looks something like this.

Sochi Live streams in Australia

To be able to watch these streams you will need to get yourself an Australian IP address. That can easily be fixed, and if you want to watch the Olympics on Tenplay (Network Ten) in Australia, I recommend that you use the VPN services of IPVanish. Visit their website and sign up for their VPN service (use keyword Sochi to get a 20% discount). Download their VPN client and connect to a server in Australia, and you are ready to watch these live streams in Australia from wherever you are in the world.

Visit IPVanish website

It really is as easy as it sounds, and I have used this myself already and checked out that it works. So, try it yourself and get started watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi right away.

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics at some other TV channels online, then I have written a longer article on how and where to do that here.

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