Will Tenplay broadcast the Winter Olympics in 2018?

In 2014 the Winter Olympics was broadcasted on Network Ten in Australia (Tenplay). Will they continue the success in 2018?

Unfortunately, the Winter Olympics in 2018 from Pyeongchang will not be broadcasted by Tenplay in Australia. An unfortunate event has led to Seven Network getting the rights instead. As a consequence, you will not see nor hear anything from the Winter Olympics 2018 on Tenplay. Unfortunately, Tenplay will not broadcast the FIFA World Cup in 2018 either, as SBS will broadcast that event instead.

Luckily, however, Tenplay has the best TV series in Australia, meaning that you can still watch all those goodies on Tenplay, throughout the entire year.

If you do not have access to Seven Network and its channels, there will still be loads of ways to stream the event online. You can read more about all the Winter Olympics 2018 broadcasters and how to stream it online here.

The Winter Olympics will be arranged in South Korea, in Pyeongchang, during the period between February 9th and February 25th.

One thought on “Will Tenplay broadcast the Winter Olympics in 2018?

  • I will miss Network Ten as I watch the Winter Olympics from Pyengchang… they did such a great job, and Seven Network will for sure not be able to live up to the quality of Network Ten.

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